Gödel and God


Piergiorgio Odifreddi

دانشگاه تورین، ایتالیا


In 1970, Kurt Gödel wrote in a manuscript a mathematical proof of the existence of God. He didn't publish it to avoid religious discussions: his main interest was, indeed, the correction of a logical mistake made by Leibniz in an attempt to improve Descartes' version of Anselm's original ontological proof. I will briefly trace the history of this almost millenary argument, ending with a simple sketch of Gödel's proof.



مکان:  تهران، خیابان نوفل لوشاتو، خیابان آراکلیان، شماره ٤، مؤسسة پژوهشی حکمت و فلسفه ایران


زمان: شنبه، 11 اسفند  1397 ، ساعت 15 الی 17