The diamond principle: From Jensen to Shelah


Mohammad Golshani

Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM)




The diamond principle was introduced by Jensen in 1972, who showed that under V=L, it holds at all uncountable regular cardinals. About 40 years later, Shelah showed that for a regular cardinal κ >­­ ­א­i1, the diamond principle at κ+ is equivalent to 2κ = κ+

In this talk I will discuss the above results and if time permits, I also will discuss some of its applications in Mathematics.



یک‌شنبه، 25 تیر 1402، ساعت 16 الی 18

سخنرانی به صورت تلفیقی حضوری-مجازی و به میزبانی مؤسسه‌ی پژوهشی حکمت و فلسفه‌ی ایران برگزار خواهد شد:

آدرس: تهران، خیابان نوفل لوشاتو، کوچه شهید آراکلیان، شماره ۴


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