Submission guidelines:

The short articles should include: title, names of authors and their affiliations, abstract, keywords, introduction, text body of the article, conclusion and references.

The introduction includes: A short history, litrature review, an explanation of the outline of the article and contents of each section. It is also suggested that the short articles be written in one or two sections.

The organizers of the conference are trying to obtain the ISC index.

According to the agreements made by the scientific committee of the conference, the extended version of the selected papers by the jury will be called by the scientific committee and presented for publication in the logical studies journal with only one review.

Also, the executive committee of the conference intends to publish a booklet containing the short articles of the conference if financial resources are provided.

A certificate of acceptance and presentation will be given to the papers accepted and presented in the conference.

For guidance and questions related to the conference, as well as offering suggestions and comments, the following communication method is available:

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The scientific committee of the conference is composed of three more specialized sub-committees for the purpose of more accurate judging. The names of these committees and their members are as follows:

1- Classical logics and set theory: Mohammad Golshani, Saeed Salehi Pourmehr, Nazanin Rowshandel Tavana, Farzad Didehvar

2- Non-classical and intuitionistic logics: Mohammad Ardeshir, Majid Alizadeh, Fateme Sadat Nabavi

3- Philosophical logics: Lotfollah Nabavi, Fereshte Nabati, Asadollah Fallahi, Mahdi Azimi

Different approaches to logical topics in different branches of philosophy fall under the "philosophy of logic" scope and are acceptable in the conference. Also, logical papers in the branches of "Artificial Intelligence", "Computational Logic", "Automatic Reasoning and Algorithms" and "Implementation of Logics and Programming Languages" fall under the "logic and computer science" topic and are welcome.


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